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  • Oct 02 / 2015
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Head Teacher’s Blog – Upcoming charity events



Staff vs pupils’ charity football match

This was scheduled to take place last Thursday (24th September) but had to be postponed due to bad weather.   Weather permitting, this will take place next Thursday (8th October).


Foodbank collection

It is a sad reflection of the times we live in but more frequently people are having to access foodbanks.  Last session our pupils made a very generous donation to a local foodbank and our Leadership Team is planning another collection to be made after the October break during week beginning 19th October.  More information will be issued to pupils.

  • Sep 24 / 2015
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Head Teacher’s Blog – Parent Council



Parent Council meeting and AGM – 21.9.15

Our Parent  Council met as arranged this week on Monday 21.9.15.  This meeting also incorporated the AGM.

During the AGM the following positions were agreed –

Chairperson – Colin Rodger

Secretary      – Caroline Devlin

Thank you to Colin and Caroline for agreeing to continue in these posts.

Treasurer     – Jo-Anne Russell

Thank you to Jo-Anne for taking on this role which was previously undertaken by Julie Dempsey.  My thanks go to Julie for her commitment to this role and for her contribution to the Parent Council and the school in general in recent years.

We have been delighted to welcome some new members this session and would happily welcome more.  The Parent Council is keen to swell its numbers in order that there is a bigger pool of volunteers to support school events throughout the year.  There are six meetings per session which last a maximum of two hours and thereafter parents attend other school events eg providing refreshments at school events including concerts.


A number of issues were discussed at Monday’s meeting including fundraising and transport issues.


Our Parent Council is always keen to support the school by undertaking fundraising events and is keen to explore new ways of raising funds.  Any ideas would be most welcome.   Please feel free to e mail or call the school with new ideas.  Following the suggestion of the Parent Council I have met with members of our S6 Leadership Team to discuss some of the suggestions made by parents and ask for the pupils’ ideas on new ways of fundraising .


Safety on school buses

If your child travels on a school bus, you will no doubt be aware that there have been some operational issues due to contract changes which have occurred.  We continue to liaise with SPT to iron out these issues and ensure arrangements run smoothly in the future.

The Parent Council did raise a concern regarding the wearing of seatbelts on our school buses.  Having had concerns about this issue in the past, the Parent Council had looked in to the matter and learned that it is not a legal requirement for pupils to wear seatbelts.  Clearly though as we all wear seatbelts in cars we are aware of the importance of wearing seatbelts so I would ask all parents to encourage their children to use them at all times on the school buses.

I have asked that this issue is raised with pupils in Tutor Groups and assemblies and have also asked the Leadership Team to encourage S6 pupils to be good role models on the buses by using seatbelts and also encouraging younger pupils where possible.

  • Sep 18 / 2015
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Head Teacher’s Blog – Awards Ceremony




Senior Awards Ceremony

On the evening of Thursday 10th September we held our annual Senior Awards Ceremony to celebrate some of the many achievements of our senior pupils last session.  Before the ceremony began the S5 Hospitality Team provided a lovely buffet in the library for staff and invited guests.

IMG_0610    IMG_0617


During the evening pupils from last session’s S4, 5 and 6 were acknowledged for their achievements in a number of areas – academic, sport, arts and culture and endeavour.  It was especially nice to have some of last session’s S6 pupils return for the evening and it was lovely to hear their stories of the various destinations they have moved on to since leaving us.

DSC_0042       DSC_0044     DSC_0046

The awards were presented by Mr Alan Mitchinson who retired from the Biology department at the summer break and also Mr Ken Gray who is the school’s substantive Education Support Manager.  Mr Gray has been on secondment within Renfrewshire Council for several years but now having taken up a permanent post he is leaving the staff of PMHS permanently.

In addition to certificates there were also a number of trophies presented.  One of these trophies is presented annually to the school Dux.  The winner of this trophy is kept a close secret, even from the recipient, until the ceremony.  It was very difficult to determine the recipient this year due to the eight pupils who achieved 5 As in their Highers all attaining at a very high and similar level.  Following close scrutiny of component marks of all awards the Dux was announced as Kim Crane.  As well as receiving this trophy and recognition, Kim’s name will be added to the Dux board within the street area of the school.  Congratulations Kim on this fantastic achievement!


During the evening in addition to the presentation of the awards we were entertained by various musical items and also heard speeches from pupils about key events from last session.






  • Sep 11 / 2015
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Head Teacher’ s Blog – Pupil achievements




This week there have been a lot of pupil achievements to celebrate.

Young Writers’ Competition

Eve Sutherland  (S2) has been awarded third prize in a competition organised by the Association for Scottish Literary Studies for her story “‘Heel Hell”.  Congratulations to Eve who has been invited to a presentation of awards event Glasgow University in October.


Junior Maths Challenge 2015

 Over 250 000 pupils from across the UK sat this year’s challenge.  A selection of S1 and S2 pupils represented Park Mains High School and we were thrilled to achieve the following results:

4 Gold Awards; 8 Silver Awards and 29 Bronze Awards.

A special mention  goes to Mark Oppo (wearing glasses in back row of photo) who finished ‘Best in school’ and qualified for the follow-on round by finishing in the top 6000 pupils in the UK!

Well done to all!



Senior Awards Ceremony – On Thursday 10th September we hosted this annual event.  More details and photos to follow next week!

  • Sep 04 / 2015
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Head Teacher’s Blog – This week’s news




Parent Council
As intimated in a previous blog the Parent Council met for the first time this session on Monday 24th August. We were delighted to welcome some new members and would be keen to see more new faces. The next meeting is at 7pm on Monday 21st September and will also include the AGM. Should you wish more information about the Parent Council please feel free to contact me at school.


Duke of Edinburgh – Gold – Expedition presentations’ evening
On Thursday 27th August our pupils who are working towards their Gold awards, made presentations to staff and family members about their Gold expeditions . Before the presentations began we enjoyed a buffet which was served in the street area. The presentations were very entertaining and gave a real sense of the trials the pupils had to endure this year to complete their expeditions.  The weather conditions were exceedingly harsh this year so it was a fantastic achievement that all the pupils passed and were still smiling at the end!


DSC_0003               DSC_0016              DSC_0023


Late bus
Every Monday to Thursday a late bus leaves the school an hour after finishing time. This is funded by the school and allows pupils to stay on after school to attend extra curricular events, supported study etc. Pupils are encouraged to make use of this service.

Leadership Team
Following voting by staff and pupils the pupils with the highest number of votes were interviewed by Mrs Mather and me earlier this week. I am pleased to inform you that the following pupils will now take on these assigned roles –
Head Boy – Ben Herrington
Head Girl – Louise McCloskey
Deputy Head Boy –   Scott McIldowie
Deputy Head Girl  –   Kim Crane


I am looking forward to working with the team and I am optimistic that they will work well as a team and show initiative throughout this year.  The Heads and Deputies will be joined by Guidance captains who will be announced soon.



  • Aug 31 / 2015
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Head Teacher’s Blog – SQA results




Overall we were very pleased with the SQA results attained by our S4, 5 and 6 pupils last session.  As is always the case some pupils did better than they expected while others were a little disappointed.  I am delighted to report that 8 S5 pupils attained 5 A passes at Higher.  These pupils are pictured below – Callum Collins, Eilidh Harkness Charlotte McCrone, Leah Medlock, Rachel Melvin, Alexis O’Reilly, Kim Crane and Kerry Fleming.




  • Aug 23 / 2015
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Head Teacher’s Blog – Parent Council

Our Parent Council meets for the first time this session at 7pm on Monday 24th August.  We have a loyal group of council members who are very supportive of the school and who regularly engage in fund raising activities.  We are always keen to welcome new members so whether you have been a parent for some time or are a new parent joining us this session, why not come along and become a member?  It is always good to welcome new members who can bring new thoughts and ideas to our discussions.

  • Aug 14 / 2015
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Head Teacher’s Blog – Welcome back



Term started on Tuesday 11th August for staff with pupils returning on Thursday 13th.  We held assemblies with all year groups on day one to remind pupils of a number of points including –

School values





Each value was explained and used as a reminder of our expectations for all pupils.


Dress code

I was delighted to see the vast majority of our pupils returning to school in immaculate dress code.  Some pupils had to be reminded of some expectations ie footwear should be all black, leggings/jeggings are not allowed and all S5 and 6 pupils should be wearing blazers.  Should parents have any queries regarding dress code I would ask that they contact their child’s Year Head (S1 – Mr Gillen, S2 & 3 – Mrs Nicholls, S4 – Mr Young and S5 &6 – Mrs Mather).


Senior pupils’ timetables

Some S5 and 6 pupils are requesting or are being advised to change the options they chose last term in light of their SQA results.  Following meetings with Guidance staff and Mrs Mather these requests/changes are being processed.  Mrs Mather hopes to have all S5 and 6 pupils’ timetables finalised by the end of week beginning 17th August.


The year ahead

I informed the staff and pupils that as Mr Dewar’s secondment is on-going I will be continuing in the role as Acting Head Teacher.  I am delighted to be continuing in this role and look forward to working with staff, pupils and parents in the year ahead.

  • Jun 26 / 2015
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Head Teacher’s Blog – Week beginning 22.6.15



Activities Week

This has been a really eventful week with all trips and activities taking place as planned.  The school was very quiet with only pupils involved in in school activities and those who were not involved in any activity being around.  Each morning though was a busy time with lots of groups heading out to a variety of places.  I have been delighted by many staff reporting back to me with lots of praise from people who met pupils out on activities.

Summer break

It has been a very busy year with lots going on so I hope all staff, pupils and their families have a nice relaxing summer break.  All households will receive the summer newsletter and other key information during the holiday.  Please note term starts for staff on Tuesday 11th August with pupils returning on Thursday 13th.


  • Jun 22 / 2015
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Head Teacher’s Blog – Week beginning 15.6.15



40th anniversary variety shows

Last week saw the school put on a marvellous variety show on both Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  Each night the audience was entertained by a range of fantastic performances from current and former pupils.  The acts were varied and of an extremely high standard.  There was a wide range of musical performances from individual singers and musicians as well as the orchestra, jazz band, brass band, choir and other groupings too.  Each night also included some excellent dance performances from displays of real talent to two S6 boys re-enacting the famous dance routine from ‘Dirty Dancing’ which brought the house down.   Some members of staff also performed in the choir, orchestra and brass band.  The event was a fitting end to our 40th anniversary year and was so successful due to the hard work put in by a huge number of staff and pupils.  It was a pleasure and privilege for me to deliver the vote of thanks at the end of the evening.


40th anniversary commemorative gifts

To mark our 40th year all pupils and staff were given a small commemorative gift.  Pupils were given a water bottle which I would encourage them to use in school next session and staff were given a mug.  Each of these gifts included the school crest and the dates of our 40 years.


Activities Week

Monday 22.6.15 marks the start of our school’s Activities Week with the majority of pupils taking part in activities.  There is a wide range of activities taking place this year from in-school activities, to days out and residential trips.  At a recent Pupil Council meeting pupils were asked for ideas for new activities which we might run in the future.  The pupils came up with some interesting ideas which I will share with staff at the start of the new session.  I am always keen to introduce new free/cheap activities which pupils would like so any suggestions would be most welcome.


End of term

School closes at 1pm on Friday 26th June and this day will be an ‘own clothes’ day.  Lunch will be at the usual Friday time of 12.25pm so pupils not taking a school lunch or getting a school bus home are free to leave then.