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  • Mar 31 / 2017
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Head Teacher's Blog

Spring 2017 Newsletter

As the busy Spring Term comes to an end I would like to update you on the many activities our pupils have been involved in and some of their many achievements.

This new style newsletter on the school website, will replace the paper copy traditionally issued at the end of each term. Our website is now receiving up to 1500 hits per day and our Twitter feed, @TheParkMains, is proving very popular too so please follow Park Mains High School on it to keep up to date with what is going on.

Finally, I hope all pupils, staff and their families have an enjoyable Easter break and wish all our Senior pupils well in their forthcoming examinations.


Michael Dewar, Headteacher



Easter School / Supported Study

In PMHS many staff offer unpaid supported study sessions for our pupils and I know many pupils attend these and find them of use. In addition to this we will also be offering Easter School during the Spring Break to assist pupils in preparing for their SQA Examinations.  Please see timetable under School News on the website.


SQA Examinations & Study Leave

SQA exam leave starts for eligible S4-6 pupils on Tuesday 2 May. Thereafter pupils only have to attend to sit examinations.  They may however come into school to study or to meet with teachers.  Please note that pupils should prearrange when to meet with staff as they may have classes or other commitments if pupils turn up unannounced.  Please also note if coming into school pupils should be in school uniform.

Pupils can access the SQA website to see the dates and times of examinations and they will be issued with personalised timetables after the Spring Break which will include rooming arrangements.


S4/5 Employability/Enrichment Programme

If pupils are being presented for only N3 or N4 qualifications, as they have no final examinations, they are not eligible for study leave. S4 pupils have priority in securing a place in this programme which consists of a three week programme of activities to enhance pupils’ employability skills and two weeks work experience.  Pupils involved have been provided with more information by Mr Gillen.


Options’ processes

All pupils from S2-5 have now made option choices for next session. As has been highlighted at the parents’ information evenings we will try to meet all pupil requests but this may not always be possible.  Should it look likely that all of your child’s first choices cannot be met, we will contact you to discuss possible alternative options.  If a solution cannot be reached a ballot would take place to decide which pupils secured places in classes.

The full Spring 2017 newsletter can be viewed in  http://parkmains.com/newsletter-spring-2017

  • Jun 30 / 2016
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End of term


We had a very busy build up the end of term with Activities Week running for the last full week   There were activities in school, day trips heading out every day and also residential trips both in the UK and abroad.  Overall all activities went very well and I was delighted that many of the staff who were out of school reported to me that our pupils’ behaviour had been commented on most favourably when on the various activities.  I am always proud when our pupils are such positive ambassadors for our school.

The end of term marked the end of my spell as Acting Head Teacher.  As I have intimated previously, it has been a real pleasure and privilege to have been Acting Head for the last two years.  When Mr Dewar returns in August I will revert to my substantive post as Depute Head Teacher in charge of Pupil Support and I will also have responsibility for our new S1 pupils.

In closing I would like to thank the school community for its support during my acting term and I look forward to continuing to work with you in my DHT post.  I hope all pupils and their families have an enjoyable and restful break.


  • Jun 17 / 2016
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Head Teacher’s Blog – Busy, busy, busy!

We have had a hectic couple of weeks with lots going on both in school and out.


Last week we started our new timetable on Monday and we also on Thursday and Friday our new S1 pupils attended for their induction days.  They are a big year group (272 pupils) so the school was very busy during these days.  Arrangements went well and we look forward to welcoming the S1 back in August.

On Friday of last week I visited UWS to see some of our S3 pupils who were part of the Mission Discovery Project during all of last week.  This involved pupils working with pupils from other schools in Renfrewshire and they had the opportunity to work with a former astronaut as well as other experts who have work  in the space industry.  The pupils were put into groups with a mixture of pupils from other schools and they had to devise an experiment which would be carried out in space.  On the Friday afternoon the five groups who had proposed the best experiments earlier gave a presentation to a packed lecture theatre and also answered questions from the panel of experts.  I was delighted that PMHS pupils were in both the winning team and the runners-up.  Ethan Johnston (pictured in the white shirt below) was in the winning team and Jack Sanderson (pictured second from the left) was a runner up.  The experiment devised by the winning team will be sent up into space and tested.



This has also been a very busy time with the Duke of Edinburgh award.  Last weekend a number of our pupils were on their Gold expedition.  They all passed this element of the award and arrived back on Monday tired but happy as can be seen from the picture below.


Also last night we had a celebration to mark the successful completion of the Gold award of a number of our pupils who left school this or last year. (See picture below.)  It was a really enjoyable evening where we a number of pupils and Mrs Mather spoke about their D of E journey.  I will look forward to seeing our Gold award winners next month when we will all attend the formal presentation at Holyrood.


  • Jun 10 / 2016
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Head Teacher’s Blog – S1 Bake Off and S3 Geography trip


Last week was a very busy week in school with a number of activities taking place both in school and out.


On Thursday our S1 pupils were given the chance to enter the S1 Bake Off.  They were asked to design and bake a cookie and Mr Gillen (DHT for S1) had the pleasure of tasting the pupils’ creations and deciding on the winning cookie.  The winner was Ellie Dulson of 1L and Niamh McGonigle (pictured below with Mr Gillen) of 1V was the runner up.

IMGP5071                          IMGP5076


Also last week the S3 Geographers went on a field trip to Loch Lomond.  They had a gloriuos day for their trip where they carried out activities at Lomond Shores and also at Luss.

IMGP5104      IMGP5109      IMGP5119





  • Jun 03 / 2016
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Head Teacher’s Blog – Fundraising/wider achievement




In PMHS we always try to recognise wider achievement but it is very difficult to capture all of our pupils’ achievements.  Most readers will be aware of the long tradition within PMHS of pupils fundraising for many good causes.  Mrs Crean (DHT of S4) was recently made aware of the sterling efforts of one of the pupils in her year group.  Sarah Carpenter regularly raises money for good causes and in total has raised in excess of £6000 for a range of charities in recent years. This year she has raised a further £600 for Yorkhill Children’s Charity and is pictured on the left of the photograph below presenting her cheque to a representative of the charity.   Sarah also donated 8 inches of her hair to the Princess Foundation.  Sarah is very modest about her fundraising activities and naturally her parents are very proud of her.  Along with other pupils Sarah’s achievement will be acknowledged at a future awards ceremony. 

Sarah fundraising


  • May 20 / 2016
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Head Teacher’s Blog – Athletics Championship




athletic: silhouette of five children racing to red ribbon finish line on white Stock Photo

Our Physical Education Department organised the annual Athletics Championship for S1-3 pupils on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  The days were packed with a wide range of track and field events.  Unfortunately the weather was rather disappointing but the pupils overall managed to remain positive and enthusiastic.  Just before lunchtime on Thursday all the competitors gathered in the games hall to hear of the overall champions and some of the other results.



100m Stephen Johnston Euan Wright Cameron Epps 100m Lois Watson Hope Dorey Hazel Robertson
200m Stephen Johnston Euan Wright Cameron Epps 200m Lois Watson Hazel Robertson Hope Dorey
800m Andrew Caffrey Alex Bannon Colin Thomas 800m Katie Darroch Jessica Sanderson Isla Campbell
1500m Andrew Caffrey Findlay Douglas Michael McCarron 1500m Hazel Robertson Heather Wilson Lauren Hughes
High jump Stephen Johnston Euan Wright Ross Murray High jump Lois Watson/

Anna Hendry

  Hazel Robertson/

katie Graham

Long jump Stephen Johnston Findlay Douglas Andrew Bellingham Long jump Anna Hendry Rhianna Butt Lois Watson
Shot Jack Flannigan Stephen Johnston Jack Baird Shot Marlyn Fulton Anna Hendry Molly McHugh



100m David Barr Aaron McDonald Sam Muir 100m Erin Johnston Amber McLeod Jessica Jack
200m Aaron McDonald Kieran Duffy David Barr 200m Erin Johnston Maya Little Jessica Jack
800m Aaron McDonald Mark McKillop Keir Hail 800m Ella Duff Olivia Nelson Abigail Canavan
1500m Mark McKillop Aaron McDonald Kieran Duffy 1500m Ella Duff Beth McCartney Abigail Canavan
High jump James Norwood/

Sam Muir

  David Barr High jump Amber McLeod Erin Johnston Karina Dunlop
Long jump David Barr Reece Craig James Norwood Long jump Helena Maksimovic Amber McLeod Olivia Nelson
Shot Martin Taylor Grant Jamieson Blair Weir Shot Helena Maksimovic Amber McLeod Lauren Logie




100m Rory Jackson Robbie Stevenson Stuart Summers 100m Laura Collins Danielle Mullen Jill Munro
200m Rory Jackson Calum Findlay Liam Donaghue 200m Danielle Mullen Laura Collins Jill Munro
800m Liam Donaghue Kyle Irvine Saul McVeigh 800m Laura Collins Joanne Mulligan-Firth Danielle Mullen
1500m Liam Donaghue Kyle Irvine Saul McVeigh 1500m Laura Collins Lauren Rodgers Jill Munro
High jump Robbie Stevenson Shay McMahon Rory Harkness High jump Danielle Mullen Jade McCreadie Olivia Crosby
Long jump Lewis Steele Zak O’Bike Robbie Stevenson Long jump Laura Collins Danielle Mullen Joanne Mulligan-Firth
Shot Zak Thomson Rory Jackson Robbie Stevenson Shot Danielle Mullen Shannon Brooks Laura Collins
















  • May 13 / 2016
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Head Teacher’s Blog – S2 Bake Off



On Thursday of this week 45 S2 pupils entered the S2 Bake Off and Mrs Nicholls and I were delighted to be asked to judge the competition.  All those involved worked really hard to produce an original cupcake and we were both very impressed at the skill and originality shown by the pupils.  To decide on the winner and the runner up Mrs Nicholls and I first considered the look of all the cupcakes and then we had the joy of tasting them all.  It was a really hard decision but in the end Lucy Humphries was awarded first prize and Ffyona MacPherson was given second place.  Both girls are pictured below with Mrs Nicholls and their winning cup cakes.


  • May 06 / 2016
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Head Teacher’s Blog – Head Teacher update



Earlier this week pupils in S1-3 were issued with a letter to take home to parents/carers informing them that our substantive Head Teacher, Mr Dewar, will be returning to Park Mains High School after the summer break.  I will then return to my substantive post of Depute Head Teacher with responsibility for Pupil Support and I will also be the Year Head for our new S1 pupils in August.  Further information regarding SMT remits will be issued at a later date.

It has been a privilege and a pleasure to have been Acting Head Teacher here in Park Mains High School since April 2014.  I have been on the school staff since 2004 and I was delighted to take on the acting headship for the last two years.  In this time I have really appreciated the support of the pupils and their families and I will look forward to continuing to work with you all when returning to my substantive post.

  • Apr 29 / 2016
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Head Teacher’s Blog – S6 Valedictory



Today our S4, S5 and S6 pupils finished their timetabled classes prior to the SQA diet starting next week.  This was a particularly special day for our S6 pupils as, other than being in for their examinations, that is their time in PMHS over.  They have overall been an excellent year group and their last week saw them saying farewell to staff and pupils and this included the traditional shirt signing yesterday. The week ended with their Valedictory Ceremony which took place this afternoon. It was a most enjoyable occasion with speeches, two wonderful musical performances from Scott McIldowie and Alan Petrie, the presentation of cheques to our chosen charities and pupils receiving their Year Books.  At the start of the ceremony pupils enjoyed a wonderful photo/video montage which was created by Lauren Barbour and showed many images of the pupils over the years at a wide number of events.  An informal gathering for pupils, guests and staff took place after the event in the street area.

IMG_1984     IMG_2007     IMGP4973     IMGP4975     IMGP4977      IMGP4983



  • Apr 22 / 2016
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Head Teacher’s Blog – S1 STEM event

On Tuesday we ran a STEM event with a large number of S1 pupils which was organised by Miss Tipping of the Biology department.  They were given a talk based on engineering and energy sustainability by a representative from the Smallpiece Trust and then they took part in a practical activity to demonstrate energy use. The pupils’ behaviour and enthusiasm was commented on most favourably by the representative who worked with them and they all seemed to really enjoy themselves.