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Applying for Medicine – S6 Pupils

  • Sep 26 / 2018
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Applying for Medicine – S6 Pupils

We will be running our medical/dental school interview course in Glasgow this year on the 27th October, previously we have helped hundreds of students gain, on average, 3 offers after the interview stage in the application process.

The course will be a full day intense teaching session on the different questions most likely to come up in the 2018 cycle alongside preparation for the MMI roleplay and scenario stations. We also discuss how to answer ethical questions and the hot topics currently in the NHS.

We ran a UKCAT course this year in Glasgow during the summer break and from the success of our UKCAT course, we have seen spaces filling up for our interview course. Could you kindly forward this to the relevant students interested in applying for medicine or dentistry? Furthermore, we would appreciate if you could place our poster, attached below, on your noticeboard.

The price of the course is £95 and we offer bursaries of £65 to students facing financial hardship and in receipt of free school meals.

Although we like to emphasise the success of our course we have attached below feedback received from students who previously attended:

This course was something special – there were 2 tutors for around 15 students and these were medical students that had not only gone through the same process but also nailed the questions – receiving first hand, unique advise from them has made me much more confident. Out of the 3 courses I attended, I would most recommend MyAcamedia because of it being affordable, accessible and contains thorough advise that you most likely wouldn’t be told in other courses. – Furkan

I came to your course when I got an invitation for an Interview, today I got my acceptance letter. Thank you so much for what you do, keep up the good work – Nelson


MyAcamedia Team


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