Activities Day Thursday 23/06/22

There is a meeting for pupils tomorrow Period 4 for them to meet the trip leader and to gather further information about the makeup of their day. 

All trips which are going away from school should be on the pupil’s ParentPay account. We require that payment is made by the 10th of June. All events which are in-school events will not appear on ParentPay.  If there any issues regarding ParentPay, please contact the school office.

The meetings tomorrow will take place in the following areas/classrooms 10 minutes into Period 4. Pupils must go to class first to register and then attend the meeting in the designated area/classroom. 

Below are where they should attend:

  • Golf in Ayrshire – Mr Brady’s Maths Classroom
  • Blair Drummond – Ms Tawseen’s Science Classroom
  • Inflata Nation & Bowling – Ms Hannigan’s Social Subject Classroom
  • Minigolf& Bowling – Mr Friel’s Computing Classroom
  • Everyman Cinema – Miss Sloan’s English Classroom
  • Hampden Coaching & Tour – Mr Townsend’s Maths Classroom
  • Deep Sea World – Ms Ihsan’s Science Classroom
  • Baking Masterclass – Miss Tugman’s Home Ec Classroom
  • Incredible Inflatables – Miss Macleod’s Social Subjects classroom
  • Park Mains E-Sports! – Mr Henry’s Tech Computer classroom
  • Gymnastics @ Inverclyde National – Mrs Shearer PE Classroom
  • Snowfactor – Mr Smith’s Science Classroom
  • If they have not picked an activity or have a family holiday or do not want to participate, then the pupils should come to Street Area to see Mr Wake

Updated lists will be put up in the street area for the activities as well as the ones on the pupil’s Year Group TEAMS page.

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