A New Look for Pastoral Care in 2022-2023

The Pastoral Care team in Park Mains are committed to supporting the Health & Wellbeing of every young person in the school. The school roll is steadily increasing, and a review of the existing provision has been carried out. We are committed to increasing the number of Pastoral Care teachers to keep pace with the rising school roll. It is our vision that each child will have a small team who work together to offer support whenever this may be required throughout their time in Park Mains HS.

Park Mains High School will introduce a new Pastoral Care structure in August 2022. Your child will continue to receive support from both a Pastoral Care teacher and a Year Head, but the approach will be amended to provide greater consistency in personnel.

Each year group will be allocated a Year Head and a Principal Teacher of Pastoral Care who will follow the year group throughout their journey in school.

The role of the PT Pastoral Care will remain. This person will continue to be the main contact for you to pass on or seek information, discuss any issues and to liaise with staff.  The PT Pastoral Care will also continue to be the staff member that young people will approach should they have any concerns.

The role of the Year Head will be similar to the current arrangement, but from August 2022, the Year Head will follow their year group and work closely with the Pastoral Care teacher to ensure that the needs of each young person are met.

The key personnel for August 2022 are noted in the table below:

Year GroupYear HeadPT Pastoral Care
S1Ms N MaynesMs N Still
S2Mrs P CreanMr C Wake
S3Ms M TaylorMrs C Gillespie
S4Mrs P KirkwoodMs S Stewart
S5Ms N MaynesMrs L Hendry
S6Mr S WilsonMr G McLean

The creation of this team around each child will provide the opportunity for strong relationships to be developed between the young person, the parent/carer, the PT Pastoral Care, and the Year Head. It provides a strong foundation for collaborative working for the benefit of each young person.

Should you have any questions about the changes outlined, please don’t hesitate to contact the school.


Mr A Dick


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